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wood bar

The "wood bar" is a conceptual object whose form is derived from the dimensions for good delivery bars specified by the LBMA standard organization for the form of gold bars. The punch marks are also a variation of these specifications stating the logo and names of the designers, the fineness "999.9 wood" and a serial number containing the year of manufacture.

The iconic object is a statement communicating the value of nature and promoting the idea of sustainability. The wood bar is completely handmade using artisanal methods of woodworking in an ecological way as a cooperative project of the designers Kaspar Hamacher and Laszlo Rozsnoki.

The wood bar was selected for the EESC Design ZeroNine Catalogue and Exhibition.

[photography by Liesje Reyskens]




© 2009 by
Kaspar Hamacher & Laszlo Rozsnoki

wood bar

wood bar

wood bar

wood bar

wood bar

wood bar



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