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arti08, 2008, Den Haag

ARTI08. The only art fair in The Hague In the Netherlands, The Hague is a trend-setting city of arts, offering a wide range of galleries and museums. It is in this city that ARTI08, the only existing art fair, is being organized this year for the third time: Wednesday 8 October until Sunday 12 October. By now, ARTI08 has become a nationwide fair and will this year expand to about 45 galleries and design studios. We aim to attract a wide and yet interesting public, whilst presenting a varied offer of high quality in the various fields of art and design. This year, we expect to welcome about 10,000 visitors.

Anthony Fokker Hangar
Binckhorstlaan 249
Den Haag

08/10/2008 - 12/10/2008
wed - sun

Laszlo Rozsnoki presents:
00 graduation
01 share-a-chair
02 14% [table]
03 ropeshelf

2772 design at arti08 2008 Den Haag

2772 design at arti08 2008 Den Haag
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